Clinic and Health Updates 4

Our fourth update to help guide patients through their healthcare during the Coronavirus outbreak. Includes a limited opening of the clinic with long term guidelines to ensure health.
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We hope that this is our last update for some time.  We decided to go on a limited availability until there are clear changes in the amount of appropriate social engagement.  We continue to have many patients that are in need of care and feel that it is appropriate to leave their home for that care. We have also had time to see how appropriate care can be delivered at our clinic.  We have found that we are able to keep a very high level of confidence in our clinic with very simple guidelines:

  • Only 1 clinician may go to the clinic per day
  • All equipment or items that are touched are left out to be cleaned at the end of the appointment
  • 30 minutes between each patient to allow for cleaning and ensure no physical interactions of patients
  • Everyone must wash hands and put away phones upon entry
  • Front door is sanitized after each contact
  • All patients are screened for illness at each appointment

These systems allow us to have a very simple and consistent means of ensuring the healthiest environment for a treatment system that requires physical contact and close proximity.  All patients should still continue to use good judgement of their need for care at this time.  In general, if your symptoms are not having significant effect on your life, you should not have care.  If there is significant effect, however, you should seek treatment earlier than later.  Many acute or subacute presentations have quick and lasting resolution the closer treatment is rendered to the start of symptoms.  Generally speaking, the longer people wait for treatment, the more complicated the presentation and the longer the recovery time.  A concise and focused intervention can quickly stop a problem before it starts to need serious intervention.  This can be the difference between needing only 1 treatment (and therefore far less exposure) and several treatments.

The above information applies to animals as well.

We have also found that our Virtual Rehabilitation treatments can be very effective and very simple.  The system is easy to use and still allows focused guidance by your clinician to keep progressing forward without any physical contact at all.  Every clinician is able to create a plan for you to treat your own symptoms with no requirements of equipment at your house.

Stay Healthy,

The Move Better Gang


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