Virtual Treatment with Jane

Getting Virtual Treatment with Jane allows you to keep progressing while at home.
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Jane has added a new feature to allow Virtual Treatments to be scheduled and delivered right through your Jane account.  In our testing, Jane provides a superior video product to PhysiApp and removes confusing steps.  This service is still being offered Pro Bono.

The process is easy:

– Sign up for Virtual Treatment through your Jane account.

– Prior to your appointment you will get several notifications.

– To begin your appointment, simply log in to your Jane account, and press Begin.

– Sign a consent form

– Your browser will prompt you for permission to use audio and video.  That’s it!

– If something goes wrong, it’s easy to rejoin.

We highly recommend you use Chrome or Firefox at this time as they are much more reliable and easier to activate audio and video settings.  We also recommend using a laptop when available.  This creates an easy and stable camera to move around and angle.


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