While we are all trying to find ways to support our local communities and practice social distancing, Dr. Q and Dr. Whitney wanted to share one way they are going to give back, and you can help too!

Right now we are being urged to avoid public places as much as possible, one great way to do that is have your groceries delivered. There are multiple grocery delivery services out there conveniently available, and this is the one we have been using for some time now (warning: this is not in any way an advertisement, just humans helping humans). There are two things we love about Full Circle:

1.) Full Circle is made up of local organic farms in Oregon, Washington, and California with high standards and use no form of pesticides.

2.) Full Circle allows you to donate food boxes to local food banks and Northwest Harvest who are providing meals for those in need.
Being a member of Full Circle, we have a coupon code to share with friends: MICH6713. When you use this code you will get $15 off of your first box. We will get a $25 credit to use at Full Circle. We will be donating 100% of credits we receive to the Oregon Food Bank and the Northwest Harvest Program. Anyone can do this on their own as well, and pass along the idea.
We will keep you posted on any credits we accumulate and donate. Keep spreading joy and positivity. We are all in this together!