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Movement Paradigm Scoring

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates” – Thomas S. Monson

Why does my low back hurt?
Why does my knee hurt?
Why does my shoulder hurt?

The systems at Move Better are what really set us apart from anyone else. We are constantly evaluating and inventing new ways to measure human motion and its effects on medical care and pain resolution (we purposely avoid using phrases like pain management because we are not in the business of managing pain, we are in the business of resolving pain). Without a system of evaluation a clinician can never know if their medicine is working.

Our Movement Paradigm Score is our attempt to quantify our ideas and medicine. It is our imperfect attempt to create a simple blueprint of pain free human motion and measure patients against that blueprint. They focus on three key concepts we think help eliminate most pain; Breathing, Bracing, and Hinging. This system will be constantly updating and we will include each version as it evolves with our practice. It will never be done and it will constantly need adaptation. None of that really matters. What matters is that we are attempting to measure anything at all, which is missing in most medicine that deals with pain.

We are trying to solve the great question of “Why?” Knowing what hurts or what is creating pain is really of no consequence to most of our patients. They all know what hurts. They can point to it and rate it and you can too. They can tell you what they can’t do because of the pain. Most clinics can find what thing might be creating pain. It can be many things like vertebral disc, a tendon, a ligament, or a joint. Despite knowing where it is, many of our patients can’t tell you why it started. This is especially true with chronic pain. One day your low back started hurting and it just never went away. There was no one moment of pain to create so much suffering for so many people. The question we all need to answer is not what hurts, but why it hurts.

Our Movement Paradigms is our attempt to answer why. We think you have pain because you are not honoring your anatomy in how you create motion in every day of your life. Our Scoring System is how we measure that and prove to you and your clinician that what we are doing is working. It is measured at every examination. Every Move Better employee is also measured because we think it’s important to every human, regardless of pain being present. It is constantly in the background making sure we all get what we really want to do: Age gracefully.

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