How to Fix Chronic Low Back Pain

Chronic Pain research is missing one major thing, fixing moving habits. Read why that is so important to pain.

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Chiropractic Manipulation for Chronic Pain

Chiropractic manipulation can safely and effectively change the neurology of chronic pain

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5 Myths About Chronic Pain

Most of what you know about chronic pain is not supported by research.

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What Pain Science Has to Say About Chronic Pain

Pain science shows us two trends. Pain is not an accurate message. Movement is the best way to treat chronic pain.

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Chronic Pain Management: What to expect from a treatment plan

Chronic Pain is not forever. Making lifelong change is an easy possibility for many of our patients. Our featured image shows Linda deadlifting 150 lb kettlebell. She…

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A Better Way to Diagnose Chronic Pain

Modern medicine needs a new language to diagnose and treat chronic pain. What is in pain is not nearly as important as why it is in pain.

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