Everything You Know Is Wrong

Challenging your own mental constructs is key for true growth. Science is currently showing us that much of what we hold as "fact" or "truth" is really neither. Healthcare is no exception these human mental biases. In order to progress our personal health or those around us, we need to better challenge our own assumptions of what is or is not true or possible.
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The Gist:

  1. The same thing can exist in two different places at the same time
  2. It is not reasonable for anyone to understand that statement
  3. Redefining possibilities is essential to health


There are two videos that are going to be pretty helpful to digest the information in this blog. The first video above and left is more of a basic cartoon that does a great job explaining a complicated thing. The second video above and right is maybe a more detailed conversation about the same concept:

Being able to teach at the University of Western States has afforded me many opportunities. One of my favorite opportunities is responding to the often asked, “so how did you learn about all this?” This is often is in response to a quick demonstration or workshop of a current idea I am chasing out in treatment. My general summary for students is to simply assume that everything you know is wrong. This allows more independent and divergent thinking and, ultimately, becomes a way to integrate ideas instead of excluding them. The Double Slit Experiment has become a great tool for me to describe this idea. A quick summary of the above videos would be that the same thing can be in two different places at the same time. Stop, reread that, stop again, think, and read on. That is not a typographic error. Every iteration of the Double Slit experiment has been able to show that our concept of reality is very much wrong.

The double slit experiment began with light waves, but has evolved as our ability to isolate smaller particles has improved with technological advancements. Essentially, the experiment is shooting single pieces of light, photons, at a wall with two slits and measuring the pattern it makes on a wall past that. I would imagine using a paintball gun to shoot at a fence with two boards removed, and then thinking about the pattern that would make on the house behind it. As the videos state, there is a logical outcome of what this should look like, but that does not happen. The photon does not act like a singular thing, even though it is only shot out of the photon gun one at a time. The photon instead acts like a wave. The only way a wave interference pattern is made is if two items pass through each slit at the same time. But only one photon was shot out sooooo….? The only way for this wave interference pattern to be made is if one particle became two particles and interfered with itself, which is what has been hypothesized is happening. So essentially, in order for this to happen the same particle must be in the two different places at the same time. This does not mean that the particle split in half and then came back together. Think of having a penny in your left hand, then imagine the SAME penny in your right hand. Not a duplicate or a copy or another penny. The SAME penny. This is what is happening in this experiment.

I can’t really help you understand what this all means because it is entirely unreasonable to do so. To understand what this experiment means would unravel our entire concept of reality and makes us doubt every certainty that exists in our daily life. Our reality is rooted on the idea that the things around us are objectively there. You can touch things, move them, manipulate them, etc. They are there even when we are not. For example, our home will be the same we left it when we come back from work. This is the idea of an objective universe. The problem here is that, if the Double Slit Experiment is true (and it has been repeated over and over), then that fundamental idea of an objective reality is scientifically proven to not be true.

Initially, this experiment was done with light, which can be a weird thing. The idea of holding light is pretty intangible and photons can be funny things. But, this experiment was repeated in 1999 with a buckyball, which is a 60 atom molecule and is large enough to be seen under an electron microscope. It is something you can actually see with your eyes and then can be proven to be in two different places at the same time. This experiment was again enhanced in 2013 when it was completed using something that was 810 atoms in size.

In our clinic we regularly see patients go from pain to no pain with a simple movement intervention lasting around 2 minutes or less. We can even see results in as little as 30 seconds of movement patterning. While many people experience this, not all do, but it is our goal to make this happen with every patient. This also doesn’t mean people stay pain free permanently, but people can now have a way to reduce their pain on their own at home. This is entirely in the face of what most people think modern medicine is. Modern medicine creates an idea of waiting for change. We can make very educated and logical reasoning as to why this is possible and how it is actually working, but it would be hard to prove any of our assumptions without massive data gathering on a detailed level. But if we can accept what science has proven, that the same thing can be in two different places at the same time, then is it so crazy to think that you can feel better just by moving better?


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