Always food first! Food is the information our bodies receive that determine how we respond to our environment. When we eat foods that are stressful, our bodies are signaled that it is time to fight. This causes us to store fat and nutrients while alerting our immune system for battle. This signals weight gain and inflammation that can lead to autoimmune disorders, heart disease and many other health concerns. On the contrary, when we eat foods that are not stressful, our bodies are signaled that all is ok. This causes us to rest peacefully, remove toxins and repair tissues. This helps to build and maintain stronger bodies, sharper minds, and higher overall vitality.

We know that 90% of our body’s cells are replaced every 3 months. We also know that there are many different approaches to nutrition in the world. Choosing the right nutrition for you can often be frustrating and overwhelming. During your naturopathic intake we cut out the guess work and help patients achieve their health goals while also navigating picky eaters, finances, and busy after school schedules.