Injection therapies encompass a wide range of techniques that treat musculoskeletal and connective tissue conditions. These therapies use various substances in liquid form that are injected with a needle into joint spaces, connective tissues, or muscles. These substances act like an irritant that begins the body’s primary healing response, inflammation. While there are different ways each of the following substances stimulates this healing response, each one does so by increasing inflammation to the targeted injection site. The healing response at each site can last weeks or months. These therapies are particularly useful in treating arthritis, joint pain, sciatica, tendon/ligament/muscle injuries, bursitis, facet syndromes, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, and TMJ. Just to name a few.

Receiving injection therapies in office may vary slightly depending on the substance being injected to treat your condition, however, the process is much the same. All procedures are outpatient, meaning your appointment will not typically last longer than 30 minutes and you will be able to go home same the say day as your treatment. During your appointment a thorough medical history and physical exam of the body part that is affected will be done including range of motion, palpation, and other movement assessments of function. Once positioned comfortably in a chair or on the treatment table, the area to be injected will be cleaned and disinfected. A numbing medication will be injected with a small needle just below the skin. After the area is numb, the substance used will be injected into the joint, connective tissue or muscle. We will monitor your response for 5-10 minutes before you go home. Once home it is recommended that you rest and do no strenuous activity for the next 24 hours. Repeat injection treatments are variable but are typically a few weeks to months apart. A series of 4-6 injections is common for most injection therapies used.

We offer several kinds of Injection Therapies, all of which have different uses and benefits:

Prolotherapy (Prolo)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Ozone Therapy

IV Therapy