Water cure of all varieties including balneotherapy “water bathing” and hydrotherapy “water treatment” have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world to cure disease and injury. Water cure techniques are vast and use water in all its forms and temperatures to stimulate the body’s healing response. The body’s nutrients, wastes, gases, hormones, etc. are dissolved and carried in water throughout the body. Saliva, urine, lymph, tears, and cerebrospinal fluid all carried by water function best when the body is well hydrated. Hydrotherapy treatments aid the body by improving the quantity of blood through the increase of red and white blood cells, improving the quality of blood to purify and detoxify the organs, and improving lymph flow by increasing circulation of immune system cells as flushing wastes from tissues. Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to increase overall vitality though improved digestion, immune system function and stress relief.