Body tempering is a unique service provided at Move Better Chiropractic. It is our primary intervention for body work and strength preparation for all patients. We use the Body Tempering system in its true form and in our own way.

Body Tempering was designed by Donnie Thompson (@thompsonfatpad), the first powerlifting athlete to achieve a 3000 pound total in a single meet. This means that the combined total of his squat, deadlift, and bench press equaled 3000 pounds. This was a big deal. A really really big deal. It’s such a big deal that after 9 years of new research and tools and people that total has only increased 14.8 pounds TOTAL!

What this has highlighted for us is how brilliant Donnie Thompson is when it comes to preparation and rehabilitation. Donnie began using a reinforced steel log to reduce the likelihood of an abdominal hernia. What came from it was a technique to prepare the body for strength training.

Dr. Q first learned this technique from Donnie in 2014. Immediately, he knew that all other bodywork tools were rendered obsolete. It was the tool he had been looking for all along. He still owns the original unmachined steel rod (the eventually would become the Pain Pill) in his living room that he purchased on the spot at that seminar. Since that point in time, the strength training and athletic community have devoured Donnie’s teachings. From NFL to UFC, there is soon to be no single sport without this technique used by the most advanced athletes.

All of our staff at Move Better Chiropractic is Body Tempering Certified. As part of your experience at Move Better Chiropractic, you will experience this cutting edge technique with our small batch and locally made tools direct from Kabuki Strength. We will use a wide variety of these tools in both the traditional Body Tempering technique as well as our own adaptation. Once we are familiar with your bodies’ capacity we will use Body Tempering to prepare your body for your Movement Therapy. We will also use the same tools for deep (very deep) body work to help reduce muscle tone and create true structural changes in the body. While this adaptation is not comfortable, it is extremely effective and we have found no better tool for muscular change and healing.

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