Even the movement professionals have more to learn from the doctors at Move Better Chiropractic

The practitioners at Move Better Chiropractic are true experts in movement. I’m a movement professional myself, and yet I have learned a lot in just four sessions. I’ve seen improvements in my core stability, glut firing, hamstring/quad balance, and shoulder stabilization.

I feel optimistic that this approach will help me sort out some long-standing physical issues and achieve a higher level of performance both at the gym and in daily life.

The staff is friendly and the pricing is very fair, especially for the amount of time they spend with each person - sometimes 90 minutes. A typical session includes movement retraining (dress appropriately!), tissue work, and a chiropractic adjustment. Their adjusting approach is gentle and skillful - if a more aggressive adjustment is needed, they will ramp it up.

— Karin Edwards Wagner, Movement Professional

Karin finds help for more than just herself…

I’ve been working with Dr. Q for my own care. Recently Dr. Whitney came to my house and adjusted my cats. She was gentle and patient with them. Her evaluation was thorough and she showed me some ways to work on them myself. She also adjusts dogs and horses (and humans). Pretty cool.