Dr. Whitney works wonders for people and their pets, such as Sherri and her dog Moo

I want to tell you about Dr. Whitney Phillips and how she improved not just my own life, but my dog Moo’s life as well.

At the time that my dog (Moo) first saw Dr. Whitney, she could barely move around due to a spinal condition. After only the second visit, Moo was running around in the yard for the first time in months. I could tell that these treatments were helping Moo enjoy life, despite the spinal condition she’s been battling for years.

As for myself, Dr. Whitney listened to what was bothering me and my long-time hurt and pain. I can genuinely say that with the adjustments and stretching, I can move around and feel much better than I was before. This last visit we had, we used this new weighted bar to get down deep in my muscles and on my hands and arms.

I am a dental technician, and I use my hands every day at work, so regaining movement was critical for me. Afterward, my hands felt like they did when I was 20 years old.

I can't begin to tell you how pain-free I was after she left the house. Not only is she a great chiropractor, but she is also a wonderful person as well. I would recommend her to anybody suffering from any sort of chronic pain, including my friends and family.

Sherri Winchell — Dental Technician

Moo — Happy Pup