Zachary is currently attending the University of Western States for his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He is originally from Vermont where he gained considerable experience in the culinary arts working as a cook and sous chef for multiple restaurants.

Learning a foundational understanding of how to cook gave him a deep appreciation for nutrition and health which would eventually lead him to study and graduate from Castleton University with a Bachelors of Exercise Science in 2018. He then moved to Portland Oregon and worked as a personal trainer/personal chef synergistically combining the power of exercise with proper nutrition and dietary habits to maximize his clients’ results. After experiencing nagging injuries that he could not heal from he decided to work at a chiropractic clinic as a rehabilitation specialist where he was mentored and taught how to maintain a strong, functioning, healthy, and pain-free body.

After experiencing the power of chiropractic care and intentional movement he was compelled to become a chiropractor so that he could help others receive the same self-empowerment and discovery that he did. Zach loves to workout hard specifically with powerlifting and bodybuilding type training.


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