We have personally used Gymnastics Bodies programming for years.  Many of our patients have benefitted from not only the exercises in the programming, but also the program design.  Dr. Q has recommended the service to patients anytime one is asking for a program to follow at home.  Gymnastics Bodies is unique in that they progress or regress exercises day after day based on how difficult your rate the exercises.  The program will automatically adapt based on your responses.  That alone is worth the money, but they go one huge step further.  Every single step of the programming has complete recorded follow alongs.  The extra effort this would take to create is exponential.  This means that you will follow an entirely different video when you do 10 reps of the exercise or 15 reps of the same exercise.  Most online exercise services have you follow a sample video showing you how the movement is done, then prescribe reps and sets for you to do on your own.  This leaves a lot to chance as far as consistency of timing as well as intensity.  Gymnastics Bodies follow alongs makes sure you are doing exactly what they what you to do to progress quicker through their programming.  We would dream to have a similar system at Move Better Chiropractic but immediately know that it would be thousands of hours of filming, editing, and programming.  This shows that they take their product seriously.  At $15/month you will get Strength, Recovery, Nutrition, Mobility, and specific Skills training (ie handstands). You will find no better system to develop your entire body and guide you to years of training.