Naturopathic Doctors (ND)

Who We Are and How We Practice

Naturopathic doctors are healthcare practitioners, like your GP, or family doctor. We go through 4 years of medical school after obtaining a 4-year undergraduate university degree. Our philosophy differs from that of medical doctors, however; it stems from the fact that the body and nature are our greatest healing tools. We know that, if we create the conditions for health, then we can prevent disease and enable the body to heal itself.

We believe in treating the root cause of disease and view symptoms as an attempt of the body to signal a greater underlying problem of imbalance, not simply something to be suppressed with medications. When patients do get sick, we believe in using non-invasive, natural medicine – such as herbs, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, among other tools – to gently help the body on the road back to health.

We also advocate an individualized approach to health. We believe that no two people and no two diseases are the same. We treat people, not the disease they present with, and we take our time with patients – appointments are typically 1 hour or more in length – so that we can learn the patient’s story and understand what’s really going on with them.

In other words, naturopathic doctors are “physicians who listen.”

Naturopathic doctors use six principles to guide our care of patients. These principles are foundational to all NDs and are interwoven throughout our evaluations and treatment plans.  

The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Primum non nocere – First, Do No Harm

  • Vis medicatrix naturae – The Healing Power of Nature

  • Tolle causam – Identify and Treat the Causes

  • Docere – Doctor as Teacher

  • Tolle totum – Treat the Whole Person

  • Praevenic – Prevention

NDs use the six principles of care in conjunction with the Naturopathic Therapeutic Pyramid to inform our treatment plans. Our pyramid is very simple, use the least evasive treatment possible to restore health and promote healing of the body. While we have a wide toolbox of treatments available to us, there is a time and place for each, including surgery and pharmaceutical medications. Yes, NDs can perform minor surgery techniques as well as prescribe pharmaceutical medications.

The Naturopathic Toolbox

  • Naturopathic Movement

  • Naturopathic Breathing

  • Light

  • Nutrition

  • Nutraceuticals “Supplements”

  • Homeopathy

  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy

  • Hot Fomentation

  • Sauna Hydrotherapy

  • Physical Medicine

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Minor Surgery

  • Pharmaceutical Medicine

Our toolbox is vast and our hope is to make you so healthy you don’t need us but for maintenance and ongoing prevention of disease. We approach healing from a hierarchy perspective. This perspective is represented by the naturopathic therapeutic order. Nutritional templates “diets” and lifestyle choices form the foundation for any health plan. Each stage above this foundation represents another layer of treatment the body may need to acquire self-healing.