After you have figured out your Insurance, understanding our billing will be very easy.

Here is some terminology that will help:

  • Claim: This is our bill that we send to insurance
  • EOB (Explanation of Benefits): This is a letter the insurance company sends to us and you. It is them telling us how much they will pay and how much you need to pay.
  • Jane: This is the electronic health care and billing system we use to take chart notes and bill out you and the insurance company.

Here is our billing system, if it seems simple, that is on purpose:

  1. After your visit, we submit your claim to the insurance company electronically
  2. The insurance company takes the better part of a decade to do anything with it
  3. The insurance company sends us an EOB saying how much they will pay and how much you owe
  4. We enter that into Jane
  5. We send you a bill digitally or in the mail when we have real numbers back from the insurance
  6. Done